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Spirit Message for January 2017

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness." ~ Lao Tzu Yes, we are waking up. Yes, we now exist in a 4th and 5th dimensional reality where our level of consciousness is higher than we are used to experiencing. We...

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Kintsugi & Me

Kintsugi is the Japanese process of mending a broken object with gold which illuminates the cracks left behind. It is a choice not leave the object shattered and broken and left behind. It is a choice to find a renewed purpose for the object and accept it lovingly in...

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Full ‘Sturgeon’ Moon

The August full moon rises tomorrow, Thursday, August 18th. This is a rare lunar eclipse in the constellation of Aquarius. The sun, earth, and moon will become aligned in a straight line tomorrow. Prepare For a major energy shift occurring tomorrow night. Due to this...

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Is that Me or Spirit I Hear in My Head?

So much of what we are learning spiritually now is really an act of remembering that which our true self already knows. We receive insights and guidance from Divine Spirit (our higher self, angels, guides and loved ones) through our ideas, thoughts, visions and...

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Gratitude Raises Your Vibration

Taking a moment each day to jot down what you are grateful for is an amazing tool that can help you transform negative energy patterns into positive ones, and fast. It's an act of love that makes you feel happy. If you think this practice positively affects just you,...

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Are You Finding Feathers or are They Finding You?

I saw this beautiful post from by Melanie Beckler and loved it but had a hard time reading the image content. I enlarged it in Photoshop and it was so blurry I just decided to re-create it bigger so we can use this as a fun and loving validation tool...

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Strawberry Moon Summer Solstice

This is an amazing time for letting go of old patterns and for manifesting new more positive and productive ones. Ask yourself. Is there anything in my life right now that is limiting my Spirit? What limits are you putting on yourself that is a part of "your story"...

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Discerning Your Intuitive Abilities

True Information for your highest and greatest good comes to you from within and with no emotion attached. If you feel afraid or confused as to whether your intuition is True, simply ask for the truth. Sit quietly in your sacred space. Breath deeply. Surround yourself...

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The Power of of Positive Words

Based on Pythagoras’s discoveries every number in existence is created from the base numbers 1-9. Assuming the concept that all things are energy at their core, numbers are also energy and can signify energy patterns within and around us. You can actually use this...

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Agate Crystal Painting

Are you feeling the LOVE? This painting is on sale for $40. It's 8x10 on wood. Acrylic and ink with a glossy finish topped with a large yellow agate for protection. Visit my Contact Page and use my Contact Form if you are interested in purchasing this for local...

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Crystal Shadow Boxes On Sale

Love & Comfort Crystal Shadow Boxes | By Moonbeam Each Shadow Box contains: An original Watercolor background, hand painted on Arches Watercolor paper One large Pink dyed Agate for Love and Protection A variety of  Rose Quartz for comfort and love for both self...

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Moldavite Stone of Transformation

I recently read a book by Robert Simmons and Kathy Warner called, "Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation". This is one of the best resources I have found on this stone so far. You can purchase the paperback below through Amazon for $12.95. If you are interested...

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Clear Communication Prayer

Dear Angelic Realm. I have a deep desire to have a clearer connection with you. Please help me remove any obstacles so I may more easily receive your loving messages of divine guidance. I desire to hear your more clearly. I desire to see and feel you with a new...

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Amazing Crystal Recipe for Emapths

Quite a while ago I did some research and put together a crystal recipe specifically designed to protect myself as an Empath. It has been so effective in helping me manage my own energy and how I allow others' energy to effect mine. I place these crystals in a tiny...

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Re-Writing My Story of Depression & Anxiety

I battled depression and anxiety for years after I had a full hysterectomy. When I look at the statistics of how many women undergo this surgery each year I can only conclude that I can not be the only one. These were very scary and confusing side effects of the...

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Smudging Made Simple

Want to clear your space of stagnant or negative energy? Try Smudging = Burning or Spraying Sage (most common ways) Explore the, "The Ancient Art of Burning Sage" You can find all different kinds of Sage to burn (sage with lavender and other various herbs). You can...

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The Magic of the Third Eye Kiss

An Act of Healing You Can't Do Enough Of Share by Kissing the Third Eye of Someone You Care About The Third Eye Kiss: Uplifting Activates Pituitary and Pineal Glands Calms Protects Stabilizes...

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